Buccaneers Mini Corps

The Buccaneers Mini-Corps, is a group of talented musicians and colour guard who meet in Billericay and Basildon to practise and perform in the exciting American drum corps style – but on a much smaller scale! Formed in the summer of 2013, and founder members of the British Mini-Corps circuit, we have performed in competition and exhibition around the country and have gained a reputation for providing accomplished, feisty and highly entertaining sets, and we are looking forward next season to competing against more like-minded mini-corps as they form around the country, inspired by our lead!Our humour and enjoyment of our craft is always apparent both in our rehearsals and our performances alike, and we always have enormous fun.

The Buccaneers Mini-Corps is a self-funding group and will be competing and performing not only musically, but with movement and visual effects through an organising body known as SoundSport, which provides an indoor environment for groups of various performance styles to meet, share, and perform their skills to a paying audience.

As current members, we first discovered this unique style of music performance when we were in our early teenage years. We were all members of local groups from the Billericay, Basildon and Dagenham areas, including Billericay’s own Mayflower Corps, and even competed against one another. It is therefore at the heart of our ethos to encourage youth into our movement, and so we want to spread our enthusiasm, and provide an opportunity for local teenagers to experience the hugely rewarding thrill of performing music and showmanship together, as we enjoyed in our youth.

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