Music Ensemble

The Music Ensemble class is suitable for groups that don’t move (march or dance) during their performance.

This is a non-scoring class in which groups are assessed into broad achievement categories (medals) by two accredited judges in two categories respectively which are Music Performance and Entertainment

The winner of the Music Ensemble class is the group with the best aggregated medal achievement. The ranking hierarchy (shown in descending order) is as follows:-

  • Gold + Gold = Gold
  • Gold + Silver = The medal achieved for Entertainment
  • Gold + Bronze = Silver
  • Silver + Silver = Silver
  • Silver + Bronze = The medal achieved received for Entertainment
  • Bronze + Bronze = Bronze

In the event of a tie for first place, the Entertainment judge decides (subjectively) the winner.

Groups that have members who are all 18 or under on 01/02/2019, will compete for an additional award as best junior group. This competition runs in parallel to the main competition and with the same achievement levels.